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Conservative Spanish MP is expelled from Bolivia by Luis Arce

Bolivia, Conservative Spanish MP is expelled from Bolivia by Luis Arce

Spanish MP Victor Gonzalez was expelled from Bolivia this week by Luis Alberto Arce, the political godson of communist Evo Morales, who resigned in 2019 over suspicions of electoral fraud.

The Bolivian regime accuses Gonzalez of plotting to overthrow Morales.

A member of the conservative Vox party, Gonzalez has denounced the illegal arrest of Santa Cruz governor and Arce’s primary opponent, Luis Fernando Camacho, who was detained by Arce’s police in late December.

Camacho is considered the “Bolivian Bolsonaro.”

Spanish MP Victor Gonzalez. (Photo internet reproduction)
Spanish MP Victor Gonzalez. (Photo internet reproduction)

“Already sitting inside the plane, two agents informed me correctly that I was expelled from Bolivia.

“Cuba, Nicaragua, and now Bolivia are the countries that deny me entry,” said the deputy on Twitter last Wednesday (Jan. 4).

González accuses the Bolivian government of committing crimes against humanity under the command of the Foro de São Paulo.

“We will not see Luis Camacho alive again,” González said via Twitter, recalling the conviction imposed on former Bolivian interim president Jeanine Añez Chavez for allegedly articulating the “coup” that overthrew Morales in 2019.

Since Camacho’s arrest in late December, Luis Arce’s government has faced historic protests.

The conservative governor’s arrest further inflamed the crowds that had already taken to the streets since the previous month in protests against the postponement of the demographic census until 2024, a maneuver that could enable alleged fraud in the upcoming 2025 elections, since according to the opposition the number of voters would be “swollen.”


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