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Opinion: why the war in Ukraine is still ongoing

Russia, Opinion: why the war in Ukraine is still ongoing

(Opinion) The war in Ukraine has been going on for almost a year now. There is no doubt that it is a war between Russia and the West, Russia and NATO, and Russia and the United States.

There is also no doubt that Kyiv, left to its own devices, would have long since been beaten, conquered, and subjugated by Moscow.

The constant supply of arms, financial loans, and political support from the West means that Ukraine continues to fight, albeit not only with its own army but also resorting to thousands of mercenaries from various nationalities.

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Polish and British soldiers and officers are said to be operating in Ukrainian uniforms. The West has deployed all its authority and diplomatic and economic muscle to sustain Ukraine’s resistance against Russia.

Ukraine's women at arms. (Photo internet reproduction)
Ukraine’s women at arms. (Photo internet reproduction)

Is it because anyone in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, or Kyiv believes that Ukraine can win this war?

Is it because anyone in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, or Kyiv believes that Ukrainian troops will drive out Russian troops and that Ukraine will regain the four provinces annexed to Russia and Crimea?

Is it because Moscow, having been repulsed and vanquished, will start paying compensation to Ukraine, and the Russian leaders will stand before the international tribunal in The Hague like the former leaders of Yugoslavia and Serbia?

Of course not!

So why are they fighting this war? Why are Washington and London, Paris and Berlin encouraging Kyiv to resist further?

Why are Western governments subjecting millions of Ukrainians to death, starvation, cold, and emigration?

The answer is self-explanatory. Because if the war goes on as long as possible, then:

  1. Russia, a rival that the West dislikes (to put it mildly), will be weakened and bled to the maximum;
  2. Ukraine will incur as much debt and as many obligations to the West as possible, only to repay them for decades, i.e., to relinquish control over its own natural resources, production facilities, and population (for how else can Kyiv repay these gigantic obligations?);
  3. the hatred between Ukrainians and Russians will be strengthened, a hatred that cannot be buried even after a century and which can be exploited politically against Russia. (This is what was done in Yugoslavia, where the Serbs were pitted against the Croats);
  4. valuable migrants from Ukraine will arrive to provide the workforce for the German (and not only German) economy (Olaf Scholz constantly says – like all his predecessors as Chancellor – that the German economy needs workers!), which under the guise of noble humanitarian aims is nothing more than the robbery of people (during the Second World War the Germans deported tens of thousands of Slavs as labor deep into the Reich);
  5. the ongoing war (as well as the pandemic) will be exploited to explain to the people of each and every EU country the failures on the part of their governments (it would be much better, but you see for yourselves: we are thwarted in our good intentions either by the virus or that Putin!);
  6. countries of Central Europe – Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia (maybe not Hungary as yet) will be frightened out of their wits and, as a result, submit all the more willingly to the administration and dictate (which will be presented as protection) of Western European and American defenders against the terrible, aggressive, incalculable, unpredictable, imperial, evil, cruel, barbarous, brutal (it would be impossible to list all the terms the West bestows on Russia) savagery from the East.

So many enormous benefits! And surely there are others that we have no idea of.

Do Western politicians care about the Ukrainians?

Not a thing! If they cared, if they really cared that people were dying, starving, freezing, living in fear, fleeing, abandoning their homes, living mostly in the dark; if all those leaders – currently all those big names as von der Leyen and Sunak and Macron and Biden and Scholz – cared, it would not have come to what it has come to.

The truth is, though:

  • they want this war (recall Liz Truss posing in a tank in Estonia!). These previous dozen years were nothing but the preparation for this war.

For the previous dozen years or so, Ukrainians had been fed on hostility towards Russia;

  • street brawls were organized in Kiyv (in which leading American politicians openly took part!), Minsk Agreements were not honored, Putin was called a dictator (mild verbal attack) or a murderer (medium verbal attack), or a second Hitler (furious verbal attack);

Russian sportsmen and sportswomen were humiliated by not being able to perform under their own national flag and listen to the national anthem; missiles were to be installed in Poland and Romania.

NATO was about to be expanded, and color revolutions were organized or attempted in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Transcaucasia (tightening of the Anaconda Loop around Russia).

The opening and use of NordStream 2 were blocked, and the Russian authorities were accused of murder or attempted murder (the Skripal case, the Navalny case) and of downing a civilian airplane… one runs out of breath to enumerate all that!

What was expected from such actions, from such moves, from such statements, from such language?

That the Kremlin would swallow its pride? That the Kremlin would fall to its knees? That the Kremlin would accept any conditions and any dictates?

That the Kremlin would completely lose face before its own people by making constant concessions, swallowing all insults, and capitulating constantly?

That the Kremlin would kneel before Brussels and Washington as white Americans and Europeans kneel before blacks?

A blind man could see that all these actions on the part of the West must lead to a clash! What else was expected?

Either – or.

Either the politicians in Washington and London, in Paris and Berlin, are fools who do not know what effects their actions have, or they do know and deliberately carry out certain actions to produce the expected effects.

Which interpretation attests to their moral and intellectual worth?

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