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Switzerland rules that sex is binary (male or female)

Switzerland, Switzerland rules that sex is binary (male or female)

By Carlos Esteban

In Switzerland there are Swiss and there are Swiss women; what there is not, nor will there be in the foreseeable future, is «suices». In a decision completely against the grain of the global tsunami of sexual confusion, the Government of the Swiss Confederation has rejected gender ideology by ruling that sex is binary and that people are legally men or women, without exception.

Switzerland is still peculiar. It is considering restricting sales of electric cars and closing its borders to immigration “for environmental reasons” (heh!), and now this. The Swiss government has rejected a proposal to introduce a “third gender” or “non-gender” option for official records. If you want to register with the Swiss Civil Registry, there will only be two options in terms of gender, those of a lifetime: male or female. The non-binary option is not given.

Switzerland, Switzerland rules that sex is binary (male or female)
The Swiss Parliament (Photo internet reproduction)

“The binary gender model is still strongly entrenched in Swiss society,” the Swiss Federal Council said in response to two proposals from Parliament, according to the Associated Press. “Currently the social preconditions for the introduction of a third gender do not exist,” he added.

The Associated Press noted that the Federal Council had specified that including alternative options for gender markers would require “numerous” changes to the Swiss Constitution and to laws at both the national and cantonal levels.

The process of reviewing the country’s Constitution is complicated. According to the Swiss Parliament, a partial or total revision of the constitution must be approved by both a majority of voters and a majority of the country’s 26 cantons. Switzerland’s political system includes four parties whose views vary from left to right and frequent referendums are held on a variety of issues.

The neighboring countries of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, as well as other Western European countries such as Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands, have modified their civil registries to include “third gender” or “non-gender” options.

With information from La Gaceta de la Iberosfera

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